The Light and The Dark

Day 7: Aftermarket Care

Buying people's loyalty!

Meri’s offer to the sergeant to make her a flaming sword seemed to put the artificer in for an all night session of crafting.

The group went to the workshop of Harriet Northe, who repaired metalwork with a set of magical wands. While Nym spoke with Harriet and her husband, and confirmed some rumours and revealed her true nature, Meri went with the sergeant to discover some of the sergeant’s more personal belongings.

Meri stayed at Harriet’s workshop to research using Davius’s journal, after the group quickly checked out The Bells and Whistles. Nym stayed, and while Farren took a floor on the taproom, Nym secured a room shared by a psychic named Samel who worked for a merchant known as Geekaar the Great.

The talk started well, but soured when Nym could not understand Samel’s fears over Geekaar, who appeared to value hoarding knowledge while keeping others from it. Meanwhile, Ryn made a new friend for Nym when she encountered a shopkeeping called Evalyne.

Meri, during the small hours of the night, had a small revelation regarding imbuing life in to the sword she was empowering for the sergeant. However, the moment she had the thought, she had an overpowering mental distraction that stopped her thoughts – one that could be termed as The Itch.



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