Allyn of the Red Hand

Adventurer, leader


Female adventurer and party leader, possessor of fine armour and greatsword.

Her stats are based upon the Allan Redhand monster stat block (her father is Allan of the Red Hand).allan_redhand.jpg


Led a mismatched adventurer group contracted to Blackwood Village to investigate the mysterious disappearances. Was patrolling the outskirts, stopping other adventurers from going in and hassling travelers on the road. Was trying to keep everyone away, hoping to draw the threat out.

Tried to stop Meri and Nym, and was pushed in to the Drumtoll River while almost all her party was killed. Allyn survived the attack and went t Blackwood Village to regroup and demand the village’s help.

There she discovered Blace had met with Meri and Nym, and the resulting altercation (Allyn had apparently attacked a guard) had seen Allyn and Blace under arrest. Allyn remained chained while Blace was freed the next day, but Farren and Blace apparently freed her during the night and filled her on at least partially on their purpose.

Allyn came along to The Blackwood to confront Celindara, Meri, and Nym, yet was abandoned by her new ‘friends’ and new enemies to be captured by Celindara’s home tree.

She was freed by the group later, but has been a captive marched to Blackwood Village for their judgement. She seems to have made the emnity of Celindara for wishing harm on Meri and Nym. Farren has spoekn to her to try and recover his memories, and she seems neutral on his existence despite the previous betrayal, possibly blaming Blace.

Allyn of the Red Hand

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