Blace of Blackwood

"The Bard", Shade




An amiable bard based in Blackwood village, who had befriended Celindara in the last year and had been acting as an intermediary.

In reality she had been playing both sides against each other, and also trying to keep The Phystal in check. She was acting against the Cult of the Blight she knew existed, and who Celindara claimed was gone.

Blace herself had been captured 20 years before, her memories of her previous life removed. She had kept herself alive through her own will, trying to note the workings of the cult. She was finally killed by a Nothic Mindwarp, however she fell in to the Underdark. She undertook the five trials to free herself and return to the world as a shade.

For a year she moved around, getting enough of a reputation and new experiences to start working in Blackwood Village. She also seems to have befriended or been befriended by Farren Wyde, with the two acting as allies to defeat the cult – although swayed fro mtheir purer actions by trying to get Celindara’s powers for themselves, only trusting their own hands to end the cult.

Owing to the actions of Meri and Nym, Blace’s actions have been revealed. She mentioned wishing to seek the Giver of Wishes when last encountering Meri and Nym, and that is the last she was seen. She apparently abandoned a Farren who suffered memory loss. She pretended to not know him, and abandoned him on the outskirts of The Blackwood while directing him back inside.

Blace of Blackwood

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