Was "The Stick", wizard/rogue


nmc044.jpg As “The Stick”:

_The Stick, close up, looked very odd. At its top was a woven totem of various animal hairs knotted to string, tying together a variety of black feathers. There seemed to be twigs woven in to the fabric, with small golden leaves like the last leaves of autumn. It took a closer look to realise what seemed like twigs were actually slivers of darkened bone.

The Stick itself had an odd shape. The base was bulbous, the main haft thin, and the top oddly shaped. The bottom looked like a squat caricature of a body, if truth be told. That would make most of the staff the neck, giving the impression anyone holding the staff would be strangling the thing. This effect was perhaps conjured by the carving at the top. It seemed like a rather startled and pained elvish face – nothing like Meri’s. It was hard to make out exact features, as the carving seemed as if the head was tilted back to be looking to the sky, and the totem at the top had been jammed in to The Stick’s open concerned mouth._


Goes by the name of ‘Goodwin’, and hides his half elvishness as a full elf where he can – though tries to be a ‘friendly’ full elf. Is a dillitante of anything that helps make easy money and an easy life, with spells here and rogue talents there and even some low grade bardic talents with a small flute he uses as a wand.

It was perhaps this last element that brought him to the attention of the phystal and Blade, as he had enough tiny talent to be able to do what they wanted, without actually having the full knowledge of knowing exactly what was being asked of him. He was given an amulet and told to try and take the dryad’s voice.

He seems to have had an affection for Blace that Blace played up upon. When The Phystal employed him to capture Celindara’s voice, he went to Blace with an attack of conscience. Blace managed to foil The Phystal’s plot, however she saw her opportunity to try and get Celindara’s power for herself.

Goodwin tried to do as he was asked. However, Celindara countered with her own spell before he could attempt anything, which co-incided with the opening of the portal two weeks before the game’s start.

Goodwin was turned in to a staff by the combined magics, and found himself – without memory of how it happened – in Krunluc’s possession, with a Totem of Autumn Harvest set atop him.

He was freed by Meri and Nym, and after initially trying to get away, became their guide towards Blace and Blackwood village.

Meri and Nym’s actions saw Celindara forgive him enough to undo her part of the spell, however it had not been a transformation spell, and Goodwin himself had to free himself from the effects too.

After Blace revealed herself, and revealed her contempt for the roguish half-elf, Goodwin’s personality re-asserted itself and the spell finally broke, returning him to his former self.

The Trickster marked him while traveling, for reasons unknown.

Goodwin has since proved himself an actual asset as an ally, deciding to help Celindara during battle to earn her genuine forgiveness and gratitude.

As a penance, or perhaps seeing a way to use his skills for the better, he has undertaken the task of going to the fey lands for reveal the death of the phystal, and parley regarding the actions of the group and the dryad.


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