The Light and The Dark

Day 7: Aftermarket Care
Buying people's loyalty!

Meri’s offer to the sergeant to make her a flaming sword seemed to put the artificer in for an all night session of crafting.

The group went to the workshop of Harriet Northe, who repaired metalwork with a set of magical wands. While Nym spoke with Harriet and her husband, and confirmed some rumours and revealed her true nature, Meri went with the sergeant to discover some of the sergeant’s more personal belongings.

Meri stayed at Harriet’s workshop to research using Davius’s journal, after the group quickly checked out The Bells and Whistles. Nym stayed, and while Farren took a floor on the taproom, Nym secured a room shared by a psychic named Samel who worked for a merchant known as Geekaar the Great.

The talk started well, but soured when Nym could not understand Samel’s fears over Geekaar, who appeared to value hoarding knowledge while keeping others from it. Meanwhile, Ryn made a new friend for Nym when she encountered a shopkeeping called Evalyne.

Meri, during the small hours of the night, had a small revelation regarding imbuing life in to the sword she was empowering for the sergeant. However, the moment she had the thought, she had an overpowering mental distraction that stopped her thoughts – one that could be termed as The Itch.

Day 7: The Market
Let's go shopping!

With Celindara and the Elders making amends and going to speak in the village hall, this left Meri and Nym free to go to the still open Blackwood Village market, in the company of an excited Many, a neutral Farren, and the suspicious commander of the village watch.

They visited the curios shop first and met Davius Sleet, a short man who loved good stories attached to his items. The story behind the dwarf puzzle sphere of Nym’s was revealed, and Meri also found an interesting set of red lensed broken goggles and a telescope that might be useful for helping Many. Davius also eagerly shared the group’s exploits with the market the moment the group left.

The next shop was a travel and herb store where Meri managed to obtain alchemical components and rid herself of the Blight Cloaks. Nym meanwhile retold the story of the battle with the blight to a more believing commander, who left presumably to report to the Elders.

Farren had secured passage to Thirdgate for the next day, and the group contemplated food and an overnight stay in the inn ‘The Bells and Whistles’, eventually settling on eating at ‘The Worth Eater’ first.

The female sergeant Meri had met a few days previously met them, but luckily the group smoothed out any previous potential ill will. Meri shared the story of their travels, including the issues with the fey. The sergeant – who introduced herself as Jayne Porter – took Meri up on her offer for a magic flaming sword, but disappeared to report as the commander had before her.

Meanwhile, Nym entertained the children of a small family, and Farren confessed that he thought the memory loss he suffered was entirely artificial and deliberate against him.

The group left when the serfeant came back, letting the group know that Celindara’s talks with the elders was going well, but could go on all night.

Day 7: The Talks
Meeting the Elders

Upon landing, Allyn attempted an escape – away from the village. The group stopped her with ease, taking her unconscious but alive.

Celindara’s fungal retainer rushed off to be her herald, while the group waited.

Meri and the dryad discussed past history and negotiated a misunderstanding.

Nym took Farren to the mill, where he met two more little rodent friends. Even they and his weavings stirred no memories, but with Nym’s help he at least got back his weaving skill.

Nym’s own attempt at Many revealed Many’s manifesting anti-magic, giving the group a problem to solve sooner rather than later.

With the arrival of the elders, Celindara seemed to make a good start to the introductions. However, aswell as offering Allyn to the Elders as a goodwill gesture, she also offered Farren.

Meri defended Farren, but Meri and Nym’s comments regarding the wider conflicts that had been undertaken in The Blackwood managed to move the matter beyond Farren and on to suspicion over Celindara.

However, the group smoothed over the troubles with a mixture of guilt and reason, and the ultimate revelations of Celindara’s actions provoked nothing but sympathy and gratitude from the elders. Much to Celindara’s surprise.

Day 6: Time Jump!

The group were caught in the time jump of the new World Tree’s growth and lost a day!

During this time it appears Blace and Farren went to the edge of The Blackwood. There Farren lost his memory and was abandoned by Blace.

Farren wandered back in to the forest and was funnelled back to Celindara’s home for judgement.

Farren spoke with Allyn and learned his recent history – at least as far as Allyn knew it – as the pair awaited the group’s return.

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