The Light and The Dark

Upon landing, Allyn attempted an escape – away from the village. The group stopped her with ease, taking her unconscious but alive.

Celindara’s fungal retainer rushed off to be her herald, while the group waited.

Meri and the dryad discussed past history and negotiated a misunderstanding.

Nym took Farren to the mill, where he met two more little rodent friends. Even they and his weavings stirred no memories, but with Nym’s help he at least got back his weaving skill.

Nym’s own attempt at Many revealed Many’s manifesting anti-magic, giving the group a problem to solve sooner rather than later.

With the arrival of the elders, Celindara seemed to make a good start to the introductions. However, aswell as offering Allyn to the Elders as a goodwill gesture, she also offered Farren.

Meri defended Farren, but Meri and Nym’s comments regarding the wider conflicts that had been undertaken in The Blackwood managed to move the matter beyond Farren and on to suspicion over Celindara.

However, the group smoothed over the troubles with a mixture of guilt and reason, and the ultimate revelations of Celindara’s actions provoked nothing but sympathy and gratitude from the elders. Much to Celindara’s surprise.


This post covers Allyn’s attack (an actual encounter) and speaking to the elders of Blackwood Village afterwards (a level 2 skill challenge). I’ll edit this post with some game information later on :)

Day 7: The Talks

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