Farren Wyde

Two forms, many lives, enemy with no memory


Looks like a revenant, but with slightly alien features even accounting for that. Well maintained / fine armour. He has the ability to become a small dire rat with course, black fur.

He seems to have at least one rodent in his company at all times, usually a resentful rodent he has nevertheless befriended. It seemed to be more than happy to be used as a spy. There are also two bickering rodents in the mill.

“It was the figure of a man – or at least a male, for man implied human and this figure was too alien in the arrangement of his features to be mistaken for human, elf, eladrin, or fey. There was something ancient and powerful in the cast of those features. His face was ashen, and his eyes – visible even over this distance – were black, with the tiniest of red pinpricks in the centre.

Whatever this male had once been, there were enough tales to know what he was now. If the face was not a big enough clue, the long black nails like claws on the end of his hands, and the slight scaling on his visible skin – as if feathers trying to burst free – were hints enough. He was a revenant. A servant – in some mysterious way that not even he may know fully the reason for – of The Raven Queen. While she hated undeath, that god had ways to bring living servants back – well, living in some ways. It seemed even a god of death who hated the cheating of death needed to bend her own rules and instill champions in to the world to work her will."


Farren appeared to be the companion of Blace, helping the bard in her plans to destroy the cult of the blight, yet also gain the power to do so themselves rather than directly help Celindara. It has been hinted that he has ‘a thousand lives’, or at least the memories of them. What this means given his revenant state is unknown.

Farren appeared to have occupied an abandoned mill on the edge of Blackwood Village, aiding Blace without revealing himself. He kept watch on Allyn’s activities without detection before Meri and Nym appeared, and was apparently supposed to intercept them when the group left Blackwood village (though the group had entered The Blackwood and foiled the attempt)

However he first appeared to the group across a river, angry at the death of The Phystal – though that might have been as much to do with the backlash the death would cause than actually being anything more than a false friend of the phystal himself.

After a discussion with Meri and Nym, Blace and Farren apparently left to seek The Giver of Wishes. What happened is unknown, but Farren awoke – or was resurrected again – with no memory aside from a memory of being ressurected by The Raven Queen, seeing Blace – unknown to him at the time – leaving him at the edge of The Blackwood.

Farren made his way in to the forest, as urged by Blace, and was caught by its magic, and lured to Celindara’s home for judgement. He passed the day he was trapped speaking with Allyn, whom he and Blace had temporarily recruited and happily abandoned. Oher than what Allyn has been able to tell him, and Meri and Nym’s further comments, he has no recollection of his previous life.

His memory of the Raven Queen is clearly seeing her face, and being told he owed her one of his lives, and that he owed her a thousand deaths. He had the memory inplanted of a city he does not recognise.

He is currently aiding the group, hoping to seek a temple of the Raven Queen and having his questions answered.

Farren Wyde

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