The Light and The Dark

Day 7: The Market

Let's go shopping!

With Celindara and the Elders making amends and going to speak in the village hall, this left Meri and Nym free to go to the still open Blackwood Village market, in the company of an excited Many, a neutral Farren, and the suspicious commander of the village watch.

They visited the curios shop first and met Davius Sleet, a short man who loved good stories attached to his items. The story behind the dwarf puzzle sphere of Nym’s was revealed, and Meri also found an interesting set of red lensed broken goggles and a telescope that might be useful for helping Many. Davius also eagerly shared the group’s exploits with the market the moment the group left.

The next shop was a travel and herb store where Meri managed to obtain alchemical components and rid herself of the Blight Cloaks. Nym meanwhile retold the story of the battle with the blight to a more believing commander, who left presumably to report to the Elders.

Farren had secured passage to Thirdgate for the next day, and the group contemplated food and an overnight stay in the inn ‘The Bells and Whistles’, eventually settling on eating at ‘The Worth Eater’ first.

The female sergeant Meri had met a few days previously met them, but luckily the group smoothed out any previous potential ill will. Meri shared the story of their travels, including the issues with the fey. The sergeant – who introduced herself as Jayne Porter – took Meri up on her offer for a magic flaming sword, but disappeared to report as the commander had before her.

Meanwhile, Nym entertained the children of a small family, and Farren confessed that he thought the memory loss he suffered was entirely artificial and deliberate against him.

The group left when the serfeant came back, letting the group know that Celindara’s talks with the elders was going well, but could go on all night.



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