Bells and Whistles Inn, The

A two storey inn on the edge of the market square of Blackwood Village. It does not have its own restaurant, and instead patrons use the bordering Worthy Eater. It does have a small reception area that doubles as a tap room.

The inn used to be simply a tavern, and be called the The Sunset Rest (as the market typically ran from sun up to sun down)

The inn is used by guards, travelers, normal marketers from out of the village, and common folk. The downstairs tap room and the small stables at the rear of the property are offered as cheap sleeping areas when the inn is full during festivals and larger market days.

The inn is run by the sisters Tabatha, being Violetta Tabatha and the widow Contessa (Tabatha) Pollte. Contessa’s husband Earbest Pollte was the original inn owner, and Contessa’s sister Tabatha has helped run the inn ever since.

The third sister, Weldale, runs the kitchen and reception of the rival inn called The Final Mile.

Bells and Whistles Inn, The

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